University Presidents

Main Library concourse 1920sPresidents of UBC, 1913-present

All images from UBC Archives’ Historical Photographs, unless otherwise indicated.

The President, who is also Vice-Chancellor of the University, is responsible for the general supervision and direction over the academic work of the University, the teaching staff and all officers and employees.

The President is chair of Senate, a member of the Board of Governors, and an ex-officio member of each Faculty and of most standing committees of Senate. He or she has the power to recommend appointments, promotions, and dismissal of teaching and administrative staff; to summon meetings of all or any of the Faculties; and to establish “President’s Committees” as may be considered necessary or advisable.



 Frank F. Wesbrook


Leonard S. Klinck


Norman A.M. “Larry” MacKenzie


John B. Macdonald


F. Kenneth Hare


Walter H. Gage

Acting President 1967-68)

Douglas T. Kenny


K. George Pedersen


Robert H.T. Smith

(President pro tem,
March-October 1985)

David W. Strangway


Martha C. Piper

Acting President 2015-2016)

Stephen J. Toope


Arvind Gupta


(Courtesy UBC Public Affairs)

Santa J. Ono


(Courtesy UBC Public Affairs)

Deborah Buszard

(Interim president,

(Photo by Darren Hull, UBC Brand & Marketing)

[Deborah Buszard]

(2023- )

(Photo by Paul Joseph, UBC Brand & Marketing)

Benoit-Antoine Bacon