University Chancellors

Main Library concourse 1920sChancellors of UBC, 1913-present

All images from UBC Archives’ Historical Photographs, unless otherwise indicated.

The Chancellor is the ceremonial head of the University and chair of Convocation. He or she is elected by the members of Convocation to hold the office for a three year term.

The Chancellor confers all degrees, and serves as a member of UBC’s Board of Governors, Council, and Senate.


Francis Carter-Cotton


Robert E. McKechnie


Eric W. Hamber


Sherwood Lett


Albert E. “Dal” Grauer


Phyllis Ross


John M. Buchanan


Allan M. McGavin


Nathan T. Nemetz


Donovan F. Miller


John V. Clyne


W. Robert Wyman


(Courtesy of UBC Public Affairs)

Leslie R. Peterson


(Courtesy of UBC Public Affairs)

Robert H. Lee


William L. Sauder


(Courtesy of UBC Public Affairs)

Allan McEachern


Sarah Morgan-Silvester


(Courtesy of UBC Public Affairs)

Lindsay Gordon


(Courtesy of UBC Public Affairs)

Steven Point

(2020- )

(Photo by Don Erhardt)

[Steven Point]