UBC Scrapbooks – 1890-1941

Main Library concourse 1920sClippings document the early history of UBC

Scrapbooks filled with clippings from Vancouver newspapers regarding University-related issues.

These scrapbooks document the origins and early history of the University of British Columbia. They contain newspaper clippings from Vancouver-area newspapers regarding University issues, student activities, and special events. Most were found in the grandstand of the old stadium when it was torn down in 1968.

Newspapers represented in the scrapbooks include the Vancouver Sun, the Province, the Daily News-Advertiser, the Vancouver Daily World, the Vancouver Star, and the New Westminster Columbian. The clippings include both articles and letters-to-the-editor, so they document both the history of UBC and the evolution of public opinion about the University.

The volumes were originally scanned in 2006 as black-and-white PDF images. In 2013 a project was undertaken to re-scan them at a higher resolution and in colour. Those not yet completed (as of October 2013) are marked as [BW].

The scrapbooks were compiled by several individuals over the years. Volume #1 was compiled by F.C. Wade, an early supporter of the University. Volume #3 was presumably either compiled by UBC President Frank Wesbrook or presented to him at some point.

For many years the origins of the other scrapbooks were unknown. However, during the 2013 re-scanning project a reference was found to William Tansley being the compiler to many of them. Based on that article, and from handwriting found in the scrapbooks, it appears that Tansley was responsible for at least Volumes #19-26, and continued to maintain and compile them until his retirement in 1941. An additional volume, numbered 27, was re-discovered among the Tansley papers in the University Archives, and is now available in digital form for the first time.

Volume numbers, dates, and other title information included in the list are mostly based on the inscriptions on the covers of the original books.

Early Years

  • #1 : 1890, 1903-1913 – “Presented to the University of British Columbia by F.C. Wade, Esq., K.C.”
  • #2 : 1913-1915
  • #3 : 1913-1915 – “UBC Newspaper Clipping Album – Dr. Wesbrook”
    [not digitized – contact the Archives for access]
  • #4 : 1915
    [not digitized – contact the Archives for access]
  • #5 : 1921-1923 – “Clippings re. Events of 1922-3 Session”


Faculty Addresses, etc.

Student Activities