New Virtual Display: Mungo Martin and UBC’s Early Totem Pole Collection

As part of Aboriginal (Un)History Month at the Library, the University Archives has launched a new virtual display. Entitled “Celebrating Aboriginal Heritage Month: Mungo Martin and UBC’s Early Totem Pole Collection”, the new display uses text, historical photography, and video to commemorate the University’s links to British Columbia’s First Nations peoples. To quote from the display’s opening paragraph:

One can’t help but be struck with a sense of awe when walking amongst the magnificent and massive totem poles in the Great Hall of UBC’s Museum of Anthropology. However, the history of the University’s collection and preservation of totem poles and other large scale First Nations carvings actually predates the construction of the Museum (1976) by almost fifty years and forms a very interesting chapter in the institution’s history….

For more information about Aboriginal (Un)History Month, look for this poster around the Library during the month of June.