Senate Memorial Tributes & President’s Service Award

(This is another in an occasional series of introductory guides to UBC Archives’ collections and services)

Included with the on-line historical resources maintained by the Archives are a series of lists of prominent individuals associated with the University.  These include Presidents, Chancellors, Deans, and other important administrative positions, and major award recipients.  Two such lists, recently updated, are the Senate Memorial Tributes and the President’s Service Award for Excellence.

It is the responsibility of the UBC Senate Tributes Committee to prepare statements regarding deceased members of Senate to be included in the minutes. These statements, known as Senate Memorial Tributes, often provide very useful biographical information on some of the University’s important figures.  For that reason we maintain an alphabetical list of these tributes, excerpted from the minutes of Senate.

Established in 1991, the President’s Service Award for Excellence recognizes staff and faculty for excellence in personal achievements and outstanding contributions to the University.

Thanks to our work-study students Isabel Taylor and Ed Ko for compiling the updates.